We are pleased to announce the re-release of our live album, Live Juju, in an expanded form on Ripple Records.  This new release is double vinyl in a beautiful gatefold, and in addition containing the live recording from our 2014 appearance at Freak Valley Festival, the second LP is a set from a more recent show that has our new bass player Zack, Busby rocking the low end.  It is also being released on CD this time, which is was not previously. The Release date is set for October 5, 2017.

Also on October 5th, we'll be playing at the Doomed and Stoned Fest in Indianapolis. In addition we've got a few other bitchin' shows coming up.  Check the for details.

We have new merch in the Hoodoo Shop!  A few new T shirts as well as a new patch design and a very cool Wo Fat dugout/one-hitter to take on the go with you.

Kent Stump’s Signature “Magnetic Mojo” Custom P90's

You can now get your very own link in the chain of the Wo Fat guitar tone. Kent has his own signature set of P90’s that he worked closely with Planet Tone Pickups to design.

Not your stock Gibson P90’s! These are some amped up, heavy riff monsters of tone with a name that harkens back to the lyrics of Analog Man from Wo Fat’s second record, Psychedelonaut. Get yours now! You can even have a set signed by Kent if you desire.

Welcome Zack!

We would also like wish a warm, rock and roll welcome to Zack Busby - the new bass player of Wo Fat. Zack is a road-hardened, verteran Rock and Roller of the Dallas heavy music scene who has stepped in to fill some heavy shoes, and has kicked some ass in so doing.

We're thrilled to have Zack laying down the low end for us and you can check him out at our upcoming shows.

We would also like to say a huge thanks to Ryan Lee, from Crypt Trip,who ruled on bass duties on our recent European shows, and Chris Ayala, from Black on High and Power Flower, who brought it like a boss when we needed him.

The riff goes on...